We thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, today and always for the tremendous support you have given us and our local business.  It has been a blessing to serve the women of our community for over 20 years.  

On July 15th we will be retiring and closing our facility to enjoy new adventures!

Be well

We created Tone Zone as a response to every women's desire to have a "comfortable place" to workout.  A place where they can receive training, guidance, accountability, and support without being intimidated or uncomfortable. 

After 20+ years in business, our family owned, and operated program has become "the" place where women in Mesa come to feel welcomed no matter their background or ability level.  We are here to coach, guide and encourage you throughout your fitness journey!  The support from our team and community will have you feeling empowered, supported, and excited for what the future holds!


Our mission at Tone Zone is to provide inclusivity and positive vibes to the fitness space. It's SO important to us to have a space where women feel welcomed, safe, and that they belong no matter what!

We are fighting back against the exclusivity and elitism in the fitness world, and we want you to know that fitness absolutely can be for you.

I love the small groups. There's no competition so you can do your best and not feel "put down". Judy, Debbie and All of the women you workout alongside are so friendly.


“This being my first time in a gym my anxiety was very quickly overcome after seeing results from the very first week!”


Classes are small, you are encouraged in a positive way and from my first class have felt comfortable.


Hi! We are Judy and Debbie Co-Owners with over 20 years of experience working with women to look and feel fit, to be empowered, and fabulous.

At the ages of  49 & 62 years old, we understand how women in their 40’s, 50’s & 60’s feel and how you too can be fit, healthy, and happy!

What we have realized over the years is that, women don’t stop going to the gym because they are lazy or unmotivated.  It happens because they don’t feel like they belong. 

That’s why we have built a culture around community and social support among women.  Where you are always welcomed and surrounded by positivity and inclusivity.  With these as the pillars of our facility, you will have a much easier time with consistency which allows you to accomplish any of your goals and push even further. 

We are so grateful for our team and tribe of women that support our mission and help us to create such a motivating program!

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