Premier Transformation Center for Mesa

Meet Judy Neill and Debbie Basom

Hey! Judy and Debbie here, we are the Co-Owners and Certified Personal Trainers of Mesa’s only fitness gym for women; with over 20 years of experience helping women look and feel fit, empowered, and fabulous.

We are also 47 & 59 years old, but no one believes us!

But, most importantly, that means we understand how women in their 40’s & 50’s feel and how you to can be fit, healthy, and happy!

This is not a cookie-cutter program. We work with you the entire way to make sure you stay on track and get the results you want. The programs are customized to accommodate all levels, and help you achieve your personal goals successfully and safely.

No intimidation! Just results!

Tone Zone Family Values

Tone Zone is not a gym, we are a community. We don’t just sell “memberships". When you choose to train here, you are hiring a team of highly skilled and dedicated coaches determined to help you lose fat, get stronger and look and feel great. It’s what we focus on for ourselves and it is what we will instill in you.

Tone Zone gets its reputation because of the personalized attention we bring you to get you to YOUR goals.

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