Train the Way you Want to Look

Jun 4, 2019

 by Debbie Basom

Today, I have a little extra exercise & advice for you the next time you get your sweat on and, in your everyday life.

It all stems from a saying I learned from my most adored mentor aka my Dad :)


"Your posture is the key to your health & happiness.  Stand tall my girl and walk with confidence."


For some reason, that simple saying has stuck with me more than almost any other lesson or advice. It stuck with me because it makes such a HUGE difference in every aspect of your life.  As a fitness coach I have translated that:


Train how you want to look.


I’ll get into exactly HOW you “train how you want to look” in a second, but first I want to talk about what good posture is and why it matters so much to your training.

Most of us don’t normally give much thought to our posture. It’s automatic – we rely on our muscles to take care of it for us. There are a lot of muscles that are involved in maintaining proper posture, and paying attention to them 24/7 would be overwhelming!

So, what is “good” posture, anyway?

Think of your body like a mountain, with its base at your feet. The mountain rises up tall through the front of your body – your shins, quadriceps, core, chest and shoulders – and then goes down your back, hips, hamstrings and calves.

All of those muscles work together to hold your body in place, keep your balance, etc.

They even can affect your breathing! For example, if your shoulders are rounded forward and your chest muscles are tight, it can be hard to expand your lungs for a deep breath.

That’s why it is super important to think about your posture when you exercise. After all, you are working to make your body STRONGER, and you want to make it stronger in an upright, aligned posture, am I right?


Now, it’s time for that extra “exercise” I mentioned above.


The next time you pick up a set of weights, crank out a set of core exercises, go for a walk or jog, or do any kind of workout, take a good look at your posture. If you can’t do a quick posture check in a mirror, take a moment to at least think about it.

Are you standing tall with your core engaged? Are you creating good body patterns: shoulders back, chest up, and legs strong?

Or are you reinforcing patterns that you don’t love so much, with your shoulders rounded or your joints locked?

When you start training your body the way you want it to look, you’ll reinforce your mind-muscle connection and you’ll reap the benefits.

Your posture will start to improve 24/7 (even outside the gym), your core will get stronger, fast – and there’s a good chance you’ll notice a boost in your confidence, too!  BONUS !!


Who doesn’t want that!?


If you aren’t sure about YOUR posture or you need some guidance, we’re here to help!  Just send us a message at Tone Zone Mesa and we'll get back to you to discuss and come up with a plan!