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“The environment is comfortable and supportive. Judy & Debbie make working out fun. They truly care about everyone that walks through the door. They want you to be successful. Without them & the support of the women here my health wouldn't be this good. I turn 60 this year, and I feel GREAT! I have hated exercise my whole life, but going to Tone Zone is my favorite part of the day.

“I tried several gyms, even a CrossFit Box. Though I liked the family feel, I'm competitive by nature & subsequently ended up hurting my lower back trying to keep up with others. I decided I would look for my ideal place - preferably with women in a wide age demographic. Tone Zone fit the bill for me! They eliminated all excuses for not being able to squeeze even a 30-min workout into my busy days. Tone Zone has become as routine as my morning coffee and taking my daughter to school.”

I decided at age 55 I was going out swinging!  I am now on a path to be at my peak health for the rest of my life. I exercise now because it's my lifestyle and I truly enjoy it.  Feeling good about yourself is priceless. Tone Zone offered me a safe female environment, accountability, & small class workouts that keep me coming back.

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