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Variety of Services & Pricing Options to Fit Your Needs

Let's Do This

With over 20 years of private training experience, we can help you get into shape, reduce body fat, increase core strength, and make a total lifestyle change

What You Get!

Not all fitness studios are the same. We set ourselves apart by offering services that TRULY matter.

 More balance, alignment, form and joint safety coaching than other programs offer, to keep you more injury free at any age.

 A different and exciting challenge in every session.  Attend every day, you’ll never get bored.

✅ Increase your Core, Arm,  & Leg strength, Stability, and Stamina.  You’ll love how quickly you’ll notice transformation.

✅ Innovative heart rate monitoring system to accurately monitor the effectiveness of your physical activity in real time.

Unlimited accountability and support from certified female personal trainers.

Huge community of supportive & inspiring women all working towards similar goals.


We are going to take all of the guesswork out and let you know exactly what you need to do.

Multiple Session Offered

Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private sessions are 45-55 min of personalized upper body, lower body, core work… and cardio!



These 30 min sessions are designed for anyone getting back into fitness, just getting started, or limited on time.  A complete full body workout increasing strength and conditioning in just a little less time.


Gravity Fusion

Our exclusive Gravity Fusion sessions you will focus on increasing strength, balance, and core through Pilates based principles to create lean muscle tone you have been looking for.



Offering Gentle Restorative, as well as Vinyasa Flow classes.  Beginners are welcome!


All sessions are designed to accomodate any age or ability level.

Membership Options

All new training memberships include one-time purchase of heart rate monitor $99


Per Month
Unlimited Access to All Sessions Offered
BONUS: Yoga Included
Personal Coaching Session & Assessment every 3 Months
Month to Month
No Contract Required

Unlimited Fit-N-30 Membership

Per Month
Unlimited Access to Fit-N-30 Sessions
Personal Coaching Session & Assessment every 6 Months
Yoga Discounts
Month to Month
No Contract Required

8-Pack Membership

Per Month
8 Training Sessions per Month
Personal Coaching Session & Assessment every 6 Months
Yoga Discounts
Month to Month
No Contract Required

Yoga 12-Pack

Per Pack
12 Yoga Class Punch Card
3 Month Expiration
No Contract Required

Yoga Drop-In

Per Class
Single Class Purchase
7 Day Expiration
No Commitment

Student Membership

Per Month
Unlimited Access
Month to Month
No Contract Required
Must be Currently Registered in School

1:1 Personal Training

Choose personal training as a way to get started with an exercise routine, to help you achieve ambitious fitness goals, to rehab after an injury, to take you to the next level, or simply because you work hard and you want the best!

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